Make Today Extra Special!

Health Challenge
In small ways, show love to those at home today without being asked: cook supper, vacuum, give a back massage, water the plants, clean the rabbit cage, be a keen listener.
Wellness Benefit
Kindness begets kindness. Unless you live with totally insensitive people, over time watch how your kindred spirit lifts others to positive action.
Inspirational Quote
The highest love of all finds its fulfillment not in what it keeps, but in what it gives.
Father Andrew
Health Joke
Marriage: When a man agrees to give a woman the best ears of his life.
Author unknown
Post Script
It's easy to feel resentment and give up on family members. If you feel that way, take measures to turn things around. Kindness is a great way to start. Enjoy your day and the people in it! Jeff Haebig
Dr. Jeff Haebig

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