About Wellness Quest

      Jeff Haebig, Ph.D. is founder and president of Wellness Quest, a company specializing in wellness promotion since 1984. He has co-authored and published the Health Care-toons Calendar, Health Care-toons Journal and Toon Ups! book. He has also produced booklets, tapes and videos in the areas of self-esteem and tobacco use. After 31 years as a physical education and health teacher, Dr. Haebig travels extensively, exciting interest in whole body/brain-compatible learning spurred by cognitive and neuro-research. His Audience-active Keynotes, All-staff Skill-shops, Student Assemblies, and Community Learning Celebrations model effective ways of honoring each person's unique learning style. Producer of the Whole Body/brain Boogie videotape, he is recognized internationally for his intriguing ways of adding 'hip' to 'lip' service showing practical ways of inspiriting learning. His Body/brain BRANCHES booklet offers organizations intriguing ways of building enthusiasm for body/brain-based methods. He lives with his lovely wife Joanne.

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       In 1998, after 31 years of teaching health, Jeff Haebig, Ph.D. devised a sequence of gestures that taught people how the body/brain learns. He used this Boogie routine to warm-up audiences prior to keynote addresses at major events, including the Brain Expo and International Alliance of Learning conferences. People mimicked the actions, becoming dendrites, axons, synapses, neurotransmitters, and various body/ brain functions. The Boogie was used to engage teenagers at student assembly programs, captivate toddlers at family fun learning festivals, and invigorate seniors at community learning celebrations. Many people enjoying this novel activity requested that a video be made showing the Boogie sequence and further explaining the neurobiology involved in learning.